Abbey Road Elephants

Abbey Road Elephant print

Abbey Road Elephant print

Here is an illustration I did for a textile design. This was for a floor cushion design, for London based floor cushion company

We wanted a design with elephants in it. I started doing picture research and I discovered that elephants usually travel great distances as families……  Then I saw that they do actually cross roads in their native  Africa  and India. Then the image of the iconic Beatles Abbey Road album cover came to mind, so I took a family of elephants and put them navigating the zebra crossing on Abbey Road.

This has been a much imitated iconic image…. Before you ask, there are no copy right laws being broken, as I learnt from doing this illustration that you are allowed to parody images, if they are changed significantly in the parody…..  Actually copy right laws for parody  and pastiche have just been amended , so look those laws up again if you have a chance and are interested in knowing how parody is affected by copy right laws…. Also, Abbey Road is a public place, so it has an  accessible view by the public, therefore its image and appearance is not exclusive to The Beatles…..

I did the illustration purely on Photoshop, as it had to be drawn very large to accommodate the size of the floor cushion….

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Here is the finished article in a floor cushion !



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