Beauty Illustration for Not Just Powder

Here is another beauty illustration for the beauty website,

We needed to show the central character having a facial or a mud mask of some kind….. at first we did the mud mask traditional clay mud colour, but then we decided it was a bit heavy looking, and went with a lighter chalk mask…….

This illustration was entirely hand sketched in pencil, and then I drew over the top in ink….. the whole thing was then scanned into Photoshop and meticulously cleaned up…..  then when I had perfect line art, I went ahead and put the blocks of colour in there……there is no shading, which is quicker…..

The colouring did not take long, the hand sketching and inking took the longest…..

I think the end result sort of looks like it was done on Adobe Illustrator, but it wasn’t ! Cheeky !!!!



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