Here is an illustration I did for a client of Cuban Revolutionary, Che Guevera ……  I did a lot of pictoral research for this one……   The client liked the idea of using terracotta and earth tones, and also liked the idea of having a border with writing on across the bottom……

As well as researching photos of Che Guevera, I also looked at lots of Russian Propaganda posters, which gave me a lot of ideas for fonts and layouts……  I chose a font that was very similar to the ones used in those propaganda posters…….

This illustration was done all on Adobe Photoshop…..  I added some earth    tones and shading on the forehead and cheeks to make Che Guevera look more swarthy.

I hope you enjoy looking at this illustration….. I am busy this week doing t shirt designs, and home furnishing print designs !


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