Christmas Illustration

Elephants Christmas

Elephants Christmas

As we are fast approaching Christmas, I thought I would get into the festive spirit by posting this cute Christmas Elephant illustration that I did for

This was designed for floor cushions and scatter cushions….  It was done entirely on Photoshop. The commission brief was to create a fun illustration to reflect the Christmas spirit which involved elephants, which are an integral part of this company’s image.

It took quite a few hours to illustrate as there are lots of little images in there that needed drawing…..Such as the Christmas crackers and presents…Basically, the more things in an illustration, the more there is to draw, and the longer it takes !  I tried to include lots of festive colours with bold use of the Christmas red.

Whilst I trained as a fashion illustrator and designer, I do like doing textile designs once in a while, as its fun to illustrate new things… illustration is fun, but I enjoy drawing other things too….

I love the snow scene  and the fact that you can sort of make out Santa and his reindeer’s in the background ! This has also appeared on Christmas cards too. I hope you all have a great Christmas ! Until next time…..


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