Illustration of David Bowie

Illustration of David Bowie

Here is an illustration I did for a t shirt website of David Bowie. This was done in pen and ink, and coloured on Photoshop…..  Bowie has had an interesting year…….  He released a very successful album, The Next Day, even though I HATED the cover – what a cop out…wonder how much that illustrative genius charged him to put a white box in front of his face on an old existing photo of him….. anyhoo…….  he also won a Brit Award, yey !  And Kate Moss collected it, wearing one of his iconic Iggy Stardust ensembles…..  It was hard to notice she was wearing one of his outfits at first though…..  I think she should have gone the whole hog and done the full length catsuit, platforms, Ziggy hair and face zig zag….. I know, that’s from Aladdin Sane, but oh well, we can mix great styles together cant we ??? His speech was a bit bonkers that she read out reluctantly, but then, he is sort of an alien sent from another planet to give us great music, so we will have to let him off…….  OK, peeps, until next time, may the drawing force be with you….. have a fab weekend !


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