Exciting Competition for Staedtler Pens

I am delighted to announce that I have 5 sets of Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens that you can win in this exciting competition. These pens are fantastic for any art or drawing project. They create really fine lines, and they come in 30 amazing colours. They last for ages too!

All you have to do is comment on this blog post, saying what you would draw if you won the pens. Be sure to also include an email address that you can be contacted at just in case you win (only one post allowed per  email address.). The competition runs from right now until midnight March 26th, so you only have one week to make your comments! All competitors’ names will then be put into a draw and the five lucky winners will be picked out of the hat! It’s totally free and think what fun you could have with the pens if you win. Have a look at the three artworks I created with the pens, to give you some idea of how they look and what kinds of things you can create with them.

Finished-Portrait-Illustrations-of-Girls-for-Staedtler-Pens Finished-Pink-Sweater-illustration-for-Staedtler-Pens Finished-Party-Girl-Illustration-for-Staedtler-Pens

Hurry and post your blog comments now, remember the competition ends on March 26th! Good luck and happy posting. Don’t forget to include your contact e mail so we can reach you if you win!




  1. I am not a talented artist as you are Alison, but I could use the markers to draw my next crochet pattern. Different colors for different stitches: it makes it easier to read!

  2. My kids would draw a thank you card for you and gazillions more cards for every occasion: they LOVE Staedtler pens!

  3. With all of the lovely colours of Staedtler pens, I would draw my own ‘picasso’

  4. My daughter would enjoy these, she likes drawing mythical creatures.

  5. My nieces would love these! They like to sketch and color all types of animals.

  6. Me and my friends would draw some dresses!, Kiki, Phoebe, and Melike !

  7. I *might* let my 5th grader use them for his artwork, but maybe we could do some together… and I love the idea of using them to draw ideas for my embroidery work…

  8. I would have a pen party and invite some artists of all ages and draw and colour and drink tea and eat my home made baking and laugh and talk.

  9. I would give them to an amazing self-taught artist, Julie Erhart. She is only 19 and has gone through medical issues for over 2 years now. As she cannot take on a job that takes her away from home she has been getting more and more into her art and starting to get paid for her work. As she is just getting started she is in need of supplies and this would totally put a smile on her face.

  10. Hmmm, I think I would probably use them to create a beautiful to-do list … if I make it colourful enough I might be inspired to actually work on it and get some things crossed off 😉

  11. My daughter Zoe (11) would draw “fashion designs and pretty much just anything.” She’s pretty amazing!

  12. It has been a while since I have done any artwork but I spend a lot of time visualising retro swirls and vintage floral designs in my head so that will be where I start.

  13. I’d expand our Homeschool art classes and make sure it’s a weekly, if not daily practice. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I would probably start by using them to add to watetcolor paintings, I can totally see it, so bright and beautiful. Thanks for asking 🙂

  15. i would use them to illustrate my origami creations … But I think you should give a set to Denise Leland’s friend Julie. 🙂

  16. Oops. I am still double “ll” Llamanysia. I have not yet found enlightenment….

  17. I would draw manga style 🙂 I love Japanese culture and I love arts
    So it would be a perfect combination. It helps me relax too

  18. I would draw i portrait of me and my baby girl .. i miss drawing so much

  19. I also use to do custom pumps and would love to do that again . Love your pens they would be perfect

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