Fashion Illustration for Staedtler Pens Box Packaging Project

Fashion Illustration for Staedtler pens box packaging

Check out the great kit Staedtler sent me to work on the project.


A Fashion Illustration for Staedtler pens box packaging.

I was really excited to be approached by stationary giant Staedlter to come up with an illustration for their packaging design. They were launching a social media campaign whereby artists can customize their Triplus Fineliner Pen box with their own unique designs. The campaign was called Colour My World and featured across all of Staedtler’s social media. Since I have a fashion background, I thought it would be great to do a fashion illustration for Staedtler Pens box packaging project. I love the festival look and am very into butterflies after seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition in London. Above is the fantastic kit Staedtler supplied me with, to work on my illustration. I have to say, their black pigment fine liner pens are absolutely amazing. They give a really dark black line, and they don’t smudge or bleed when you erase them. They last for ages too, I did about five live illustration gigs and used these pigment pens for all of them and they are still going strong ! I think it might soon be time to go out and buy some more ! Here is the rough draft I came up with for the original design.

Fashion Illustration for Staedtler pens box packaging design

My rough layout for the Staedtler Illustration

The rough idea takes shape for the box packaging design.

After I had  worked up the rough layout, I added as much colour as I could into my fashion illustration for Staedtler pens. The whole point of the Triplus Fineliner pens is the amazing variety of colours they come in. It’s great to have such a range of colours that are in such a fine pen, so you can create fab little colour details such as the butterflies wings. I loved the idea of having the boho girl’s butterfly necklace coming to life and flying around the box. For this reason I drew the butterflies around the sides of the box too. I think my design is pretty girly, because of my fashion illustration background, and hopefully it will appeal to all those girl artists out there ! The fineliner pens also worked really well on the hair, which I was particularly pleased about. You can see my final Staedtler pens box packaging design below.

Final Fashion Illustration for Staedtler Pens Box packaging

Here is the final design for Staedtler Box Packaging

Time to send off the final fashion illustration !

After I completed the design, I mailed it across to Staedtler in a protective tubing. I never knew their headquarters were in Nuremberg, Germany! How cool is that ? If my design gets selected, it may be featured on Staedtler pens actual box packaging. I’ve never had my fashion illustration featured on packaging before, so that would be very cool if it ended up getting selected by StaedtlerAll in all it was a great design project to be involved in, and I got to keep all the goodies Staedtler  so kindly sent me. Thanks Staedtler ! Check out the amazing instagram below that Staedtler posted of my illustration. You can see better from their picture how the butterflies fly all around the sides of the box. I also added daisy chains around the top and bottom of the box to give it a more festival feel : what girl doesn’t love daisy chains ?


Fashion Illustration for Staedtler Pens Box Packaging

So nice of Staedtler to post my fashion illustration !

Cheers Staedtler !

All in all, what a great creative project to be involved in. It was a wonderful new way to use my fashion illustration skills for box packaging. If you want to have a look at any more of my fashion illustrations, you can always check out my website. I am always looking for new and fresh ways to use my illustrations, so this was a great new departure for me. Thanks for tuning in…….more exciting new illustration projects next time !


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