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Wardrobe Avalanche

Wardrobe Avalanche

I was so pleased to be asked by Forward 3D Media, a London based social media company, to be involved in providing fashion illustrations for their SimplyBeReal  national campaign, for national clothing company Simply Be . The aim of the campaign is to feature  fun and inspiring real life stories from everyday women who overcome potentially mortifying situations…… Forward 3D Media liked my fun pencil style, so I chose to illustrate in that particular style…..I was given the images of the blogger who’s story it was, and given the red dress image, as this was the dress they wanted to feature…..

The blogger whose story it was, is Marie from   and the story was that she had sneaked in yet another red dress, on a covert shopping spree and was trying to hide the dress from her boyfriend, when an avalanche of clothes crashed down upon her out of the wardrobe ! Fashion cover up failed !!!

For the illustration, I took my own reference photographs for the wardrobe and the boyfriend on the couch…..  I got images of piles of clothes from Google image, for the clothes…..  for the photos on the wall, I drew some frames, and I then dropped in some actual images of Marie and her boyfriend from her blog, but fiddled with the photos on Photoshop to make them sit better within the illustration.

For the pose of Maria, I used a fashion pic from i stock…..  I drew all the elements of the illustration separately in pencil, then scanned them all in separately too…..  Then I put together the composition, and I added all the flat colour……   Then I just added a small amount of shading to make the iillustration pop …..

I really enjoyed the story and illustrating it…..  Really hoping I can be involved again with Forward 3D as they are a great company to work for….. Until next time folks….


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