Fashion Illustration Services

Fashion illustration is a complex and fascinating business. A good fashion illustration has to balance two key elements – accuracy and individual creative expression. This successful combination creates fashion illustrations that not only represent the clothing, product or person being illustrated but also adds a dash of personal flair and that indefinable extra something that only a fashion illustrator can bring. Otherwise, why not just use photographs?

What makes Fashion Illustration so special?

As a fashion illustrator UK and London based, I can tell you that the real value of fashion illustration is that it doesn’t merely convey an accurate picture, it transmits mood ,style and ambience as well as carrying a much greater emotional impact than a photograph. In addition, fashion illustration is a time-honoured and well recognised craft that immediately gives a brand or event a certain elevated cachet.

How to choose a Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustration is a subjective business – a brand needs to pick the illustrator who can best represent their products or events. They also need to be sure that they can rely on the creativity, professionalism and poise of their fashion illustrator, especially if they are hiring an illustrator to work at a live event. Finally it’s important that their chosen fashion illustrator fully understands the brand story and is able to enhance the messages the brand wishes to convey. Being able to stick to the given brief, whilst adding individuality and creativity in a timely manner are vital skills any successful fashion illustrator must possess

Working with Alison Hansen – fashion illustrator UK

Every fashion illustrator has a different style, and it’s important to find somebody whose style works with your brand or image, and fits with the event or project you’re planning. My own fashion illustration process involves working with pen and ink, using fluid lines which gives my work movement and great expression. Using watercolour to bring my work to life means that my fashion illustrations are pretty and feminine with what many people have described as a striking use of colour. This is why I believe many of my premium clients have commissioned me to be their UK fashion illustrator.

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