Fashion Illustrations for Social Media used by Ultimo

With all of the advances made in recent years in social media, most companies cannot afford not to have a running commentary on sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Nowadays companies have dedicated teams either internally or externally devoted to handling their social media. Facebook and other sites are for businesses like a modern day extension of advertising and PR. This means that these companies need a  constant source of fresh and new visual content. Photographs are all very well but sometimes fashion illustrations for social media are called for. Below is an example of an illustration I did to be used on lingerie company Ultimo’s social media. Ultimo is an amazing lingerie brand that offers gorgeous underwear sets that fit exceptionally well.




Fashion Illustrations for Social Media

Fashion Illustration for Ultimo lingerie

I did a live fashion illustration event for Ultimo in Oxford Street’s House of Fraser Store in September. The event was to launch Ultimo’s line in House of Fraser. At the launch I was asked do some more illustrations of Ultimo’s current lingerie collection to be used as fashion illustrations for social media by Ultimo. To get a nice hand sketched look, I used brush pens and then water colour to add the colour in . It was actually really fun to do this kind of illustration, and it reminds me a bit of the retro style illustrations of Vogue, especially with the black hand written text. These illustrations are great for me to promote on my social media and also for Ultimo to use on their company blog, and their social media channels.

Fashion Illustrations for Social Media for lingerie

Lingerie illustration for Ultimo

It’s important to constantly show your work as an illustrator across all of your social media channels. If you don’t do this, no matter how great an illustrator you are, no-one will see your work. You should be posting daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and its the same for commercial companies. Because of this recent phenomenon, there is much more demand for fashion illustrations for social media in all forms. As an illustrator you should be blogging once a week too, and directing people to go and read your blog through your social media channels. You may not see direct and immediate results, but it all snowballs and results in you getting more work from more well known brands. I hope this has been helpful to both illustrators and companies seeking to promote  themselves further through social media. I will leave you with one last sketch I did for Ultimo. I hope you enjoyed reading this !

Social media fashion illustrations for Ultimo

Pretty lingerie illustration for Ultimo.

If you would like to check out how I can help your company by providing stylish visuals for your social media, or if you are an up and coming fashion illustrator looking to see how fashion illustrations for social media works, have a look at some more of my work in my online portfolio. If you would like to hire a live illustrator , I also offer this service. Have a look at my live illustration portfolio here.


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