Fashion Illustrations for Staedtler Pens

I am really pleased to share a recent project that I had the pleasure of collaborating on with Staedtler Pens. Last week I teamed up with them to create a collection of fashion illustrations with their Triplus Fine liner pens. In this post I hope to share with you the process of creating these fashion illustrations and hopefully share a few art tips with you too !

When working on any fashion illustration project, the first thing I always do is my picture research. You can find inspiration all around you, whether it be fashion tear sheets, museum and gallery visits, or taking your own photographs of anything interesting you see when you are out and about. For this particular project, I went through all of my fashion tear sheets from various magazines, and picked some inspiring images.


Then I just started to play around with ideas using Staedtler pencils, to create some rough sketches. The most challenging and often time consuming part of creating a fashion illustration is getting the proportions and balance right in the pencil sketch. This sketch serves as the basis for the composition of the whole illustration, so it’s important to get it right. That’s why it’s great that pencil can be erased! Once I had these rough sketches fine-tuned, it was time to move on to using the pens for the finished outline work.


I used Staedtler Triplus fine liner pens for all of the outlines and pen work for the final polished fashion illustration. I usually trace over the top of my rough pencil sketch, using tracing paper. The pen set I used has 30 colours and they have some really great shades in there to use. I find that I just do the main outline first, but then you can work on top of your original line work, adding thicker lines in places, to get a brush stroked, more fluid kind of look. You can also blend one colour on top of another colour with these pens, to get a sort of a water colour effect. Here is an example of the illustration partway coloured in with the pens.


Lots of fashion illustrators usually create their main illustration in pen or pencil, and then scan this in to the computer to then add colour digitally in Photoshop or another digital programme. I found that on this project I added some smaller areas of colour with the Staedtler pens and then added larger areas of colour using Photoshop. Here is the final illustration. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed using the pens, and they are great to handle even for a beginner! They are particularly good for doing portrait illustrations and I found them great to use on things like hair and fine facial features, and also fine textures like lace. All of the black line work in this illustration was done with the Staedtler Triplus Fine liner pens.


As well as doing portrait illustrations with these pens, you can also create full length fashion illustrations too. Here I had fun with the various pen colours especially the pink!



And here is one last illustration to show the fabulous fine textures you can get with these pens. All of the fringe on the dress was done with these fine liner pens. As a Fashion Illustrator it’s always great to try something new, so I may be doing a few more line drawings in the future!

Pen Party Girl Illustration for Staedtler Pens




  1. Me and my friends would draw something to do with fashion!, Kiki, Phoebe and Melike !

  2. My grandson loves drawing. He gets it from his Uncle not me. As a primary teacher I encourage his art.

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