Freddie Mercury Illustration

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury, for the t shirt line, Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll……..   The brief was to do a stage shot of Freddie, so I used a combination of lots of different photos…..  I love doing photo research, its my favourite part and I find it very inspiring and therapeutic….  I also used lots of different costumes, all put together, to create an iconic image of him….. I love Freddie’s dress sense and style …. he was a fashion graduate and was very interested in clothing …..  I also read that he could sew and make clothes, pattern cut, and illustrate……  how annoying that he could do all of that and have the voice and song writing skills he possessed too…….  I can only do the fashion part, I cant sing !  I love stage lights, so I used a lot of those……

The client wanted the illustration only done in black and white, with no colour or grey tone, so that was a bit of a challenge, as its quite hard to get a likeness, only using black or white……  it can be quite harsh on facial features……

We also wondered whether to use moustache Freddie, or non moustache Freddie, but we had seen some fan comments on some websites, and I think the over whelming response was moustache Freddie, so we went with that…..

This artwork was done completely in Photoshop,  using solid brushes and airbrushes…… I think it would also look really great as a canvas too……FREDDIE-copy1


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