Freddie Mercury

Illustration of Freddie Mercury

Illustration of Freddie Mercury

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury for a website banner…..  It was done in pen and ink, hand drawn, then scanned in and cleaned up. I then added colour to it, and tweaked the illustration to look even more like Freddie…..  I do prefer Freddies 70s look, to his eighties moustache look, but I think this is still a nice pic of him….. There is a Queen film in the works right now, starring Ben Whishaw as Freddie…. Cant wait to see that, should be a great biopic….. I think it will be a great film, with some amazing muuusic and some fantastic costumes….  As a fashion designer, I love Freddie’s sense of style and fashion…. Hope you enjoy this illustration as much as I enjoyed drawing it…..


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