Jimi Hendrix




Here is an illustration I did of Jimi Hendrix for the banner art of a music website……  I looked at tons of research pics of Jimi for this project……  I am amazed at his fabulous flamboyant sense of style…. If you look at any list of best guitarists, Jimi Hendrix always ranks at number one……  Doesn’t matter what list you look at, he will always be listed at the number one guitarist of all time …. what an achievement, what a legend…  Surprisingly, for such an outrageous stage performer, like so many other entertainers, Jimi was unexpectedly shy and unsure of himself off stage… he seemed a kind and gentle soul, always sending postcards to his family back home in Seattle, no matter where in the world he was on tour…  He was constantly worried that his singing voice was not good enough……  who cares about your singing voice when you play guitar like he did !  Tragically, he left us before his time ….  in an accidental sleeping tablet overdose, after using his girlfriends sleeping tablets and using too many mixed with alcohol…..  The tablets were from Europe and the directions were in a foreign language…..   what a tragic mistake….

Back to the illustration , once I had looked at lots of reference pics, I inked up a black and white portrait of Jimi. Then, picking the colours that most reflect his iconic look – PURPLE ALERT !!!!  – I  coloured up the illustration on Photoshop.  This was after I had scanned in the black and white sketch….. I can’t emphasis how much clean up work you still have to do to an ink sketch once you have scanned it in… you can go on forever….. Anyway, I hope you like my illustration…… Now go listen to Foxy Lady and rock out !!!!! See ya peeps until next time…..


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