Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo by London based fashion illustrator Ali Hansen

Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo

This month I teamed up with super sexy lingerie brand Ultimo to create the lingerie illustrations for their Valentine’s Day blog post. Ultimo chose their favourite lingerie for their Valentine’s Day lust list and I provided the fashion illustrations for the piece. I find illustrating lingerie to be enjoyable as you can make the lingerie illustrations fun and flirty and as long as you get the body proportions correct, it’s nice not to have to illustrate tons of layers of clothing ! There were five featured lingerie pieces to illustrate in total; the super sexy Cindi suspender set, the sensuously seductive Libra set, the vintage glam Iona set, the cheeky Jaimie set and the feminine lounge wear Lexi set. I also created a fun shopping fashion illustration for Ultimo that featured a city scene with lots of Ultimo bags. For the lingerie illustrations we decided to illustrate each girl to the knee only, so that we could zoom in more on the beautiful faces and on each actual lingerie set. Most of the lingerie was black, but there was a little bit of red and cream in there too…..perfect for Valentine’s Day !

How I created the lingerie illustrations

Ultimo wanted to keep things young, friendly and flirty for their lingerie illustrations. We used a variety of reference photos for poses, hair and make up, and the actual underwear sets from their website. I created pencil fashion illustrations first, to get the look down quickly, and so I could quickly see if there were any problem areas. Then I inked over the pencil sketches with my favourite pen and ink brush. I was then left with pen and ink black and white lingerie illustrations. Next I scanned the inked up illustrations into Photoshop and cleaned the line work up digitally. I then took the original brush work pages, placed them on the light box and worked up the colours separately with watercolour. I love using watercolour in my fashion illustrations as I think it creates a lovely hand done and organic look. I don’t personally like fashion illustrations that have a very digital look to them. It’s important to have the colour be on a different layer in Photoshop though, so you can manipulate and change the colour if you or the client wants to.

Then I scanned all of the watercolour work ( after it had dried out !) into the computer and was then able to drop the watercolour work underneath the brush pen outlines. For all of the lace, I drew that by hand and then scanned that in and put it onto the underwear sets. I then took some time to clean up the faces and add more make up to the faces digitally. I do the faces by hand but it’s important to go back in digitally and clean up the faces and work on the details more. My favourite part is adding hair and make up to my illustrations !

Here are my illustrations, I hope you like them !



Fashion illustration of women shopping for Ultimo London

Shopping fashion illustration for Ultimo London

Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo London

Iona set lingerie fashion illustration for Ultimo London Blog

Red lingerie illustrations for Ultimo

Red Libra lingerie illustration for Ultimo Valentines Day

Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo London

Jaime set lingerie fashion illustration for Ultimo London Blog

Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo London

Lexi loungewear lingerie illustration for Ultimo London Blog

Lingerie illustrations for Ultimo London

Cindi suspender lingerie illustration for Ultimo London

Get in touch if you like these lingerie illustrations and would like something similar x

If you like these lingerie illustrations and would like to commission something similar, why not have a look at my fashion illustration portfolio and check out the fashion illustration services that I offer ? My illustrations are fresh and young and full of movement and expression and may be just what you are looking for !




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