Live Illustration Event , Harrods, London

An exciting Live Illustration Event at Harrods, London

Live Illustration Event , Harrods, London

The one, the only, the iconic Harrods

Live Illustration Event , Harrods, London

In early September I was honoured to be asked by clothing brand Reiss to do a live illustration event at Harrods, LondonI was there for a whole weekend, illustrating customers that were trying on clothing by Reiss. What an amazing opportunity to be able to illustrate in one of the world’s most iconic and historic stores. There were so many fabulous pieces by Reiss that I honestly wanted to take most of the collection home with me ! Check out my neat little desk I was stationed at for most of the weekend. What an honour to illustrate at a British institution such as Harrods.

Harrods where I took part in a Live Illustration Event

My view for the weekend !

Reiss Live Illustration, Harrods

Some examples of illustrations on my Harrods desk

Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Some more examples of my illustrations

My View for the Weekend live illustrating for Harrods

As you can see from the photo  above, I had a great little desk set up right in the Reiss concession with all of my supplies. It was great and really cosy. Harrods is a wonderful store to work in; there is always interesting things going on. I have to give a big shout out to the Reiss staff and the Harrods staff in general. I can honestly say I have never met such polite and helpful people. They went out of their way frequently to help store customers. Whilst I was doing the live illustration, I met lots of really interesting customers and had so much fun drawing them. They all looked so stylish in their outfits. Below is a photo of one of the amazing Reiss sales staff, who I treated to a live illustration. She was working so hard to help everyone look their best and find the perfect outfit, how could I not ? I think she looks every bit as stylish as I like to think her illustration looks !

Live Illustration , Harrods, London

A happy staff member with her own personal illustration.

Reiss Live llustration, Harrods

The fantastic staff members at Reiss, Harrods

Reiss Live Illustration, Harrods

Another view of my desk

Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Another happy customer with their illustration

Each live illustration takes about 10-15 minutes maximum. I use brush pens, to get a water colour effect, but without having to deal with the drying time. Have a quick peek at two of the Reiss live fashion illustrations below. Having me drawing right there in the Reiss concession really helped to bring customers in, and they had great fun posing. One girl was not sure what dress to try on so I suggested a gorgeous rose pink number and she looked so great in it, that she ended up buying it. Any live illustration event is great for creating interest within a department and really does get people to come over and look at what is going on. Check out two of my live illustrations below. It’s an interesting experience for an illustrator to have to get a complete sketch down in ten minutes, especially when you are used to working in the studio, taking a long time over each sketch. I guess it’s like comparing live singing to studio recording for musicians.

Some of my Live Illustration.



Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Cute floral dress and leather jacket

Reiss Live llustration , Harrods

Let’s not leave the boys out !

Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Love this faux furry coat !

Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

More fabulous menswear at Reiss


Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Cute outfit at Reiss

Reiss Live Fashion Illustration, Harrods

Casual menswear, Reiss

Reiss Live Illustration, Harrods

Love this camel coat

Reiss Live Illustration , Harrods

Retro ski sweater at Reiss




Until next time, Harrods

All in all the live illustration event at Harrods was immensely enjoyable and I think I can safely say we all had a ton of fun. I really enjoy these kind of events as you get so much drawing time in, which is really valuable to any illustrator. It can be a tad hectic working at such speed and having to nail the illustration first time, but its also very gratifying. I believe it improves you as an artist. I offer live illustration for lots of different events. I find myself hired for product launches, corporate events and parties, advertising and social media campaigns to name but a few. Have a look on my website at my live illustration services, and maybe I will see you at my next live event ! It really is a very gratifying job being a live illustrator.

Reiss Live Fashion Illustration,Harrods


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