Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London Party.

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London’s 25th Anniversary Party.

24th September 2015

Last month I had the pleasure of being asked to provide the live fashion illustration at the Links of London 25th Anniversary party. Links of London is an iconic jewellery brand that was originally founded in 1990. They were celebrating 25 years of wonderful jewellery.

It was an amazing event, held at the Links of London head offices. These are located along a lovely quiet residential street lined with white Regency houses not far from Victoria. I headed to the venue early to get my table of artist supplies all set up and ready to go. Below you can see the advertising campaign for Links and pics of the party itself. I think their advertising looks wonderful on the iconic red bus.

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

Live Fashion Drawing at Links of London

The party begins !

As you can see, it was a really fun party with balloons, a naughty cocktail bar and a fab cake ! An amazing time was had by all. It got pretty crowded and the music was great. The main idea was to treat each of the Links staff members with their own personalized fashion illustrations. There was quite a long queue all night, as the staff members were all pretty keen to get their own original live fashion illustration. It was a case of head down all night for me, as I worked as fast as I could to produce as many little individual fashion illustrations as I could. I used pen and ink, and some special brush pens that look very similar to water colour. These pens are a great illustration tool for when you are on the road and it’s not practical to carry paints. It was all pretty busy but I had time to enjoy a cheeky cocktail whilst I was drawing !

Live Fashion Illustration examples

Below you can see a few examples of the live fashion illustrations I did for all the happy customers. I did many more than these but unfortunately due to how busy the event was, I could not manage to get photos of all of the illustrations. Everyone was really pleased with their sketches and it really added something to the party. It can be a really fun novelty thing to have live illustration at a corporate event or gathering. It really gets people in the party mood and is a great talking point. Being a live illustrator is such fun and it’s so exciting to see people’s reactions when they love a drawing.

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

Live Fashion Illustration for Links of London

I have been pretty busy the last few weeks with lots of live fashion illustration mainly in London and some in Birmingham. It’s been great to be out on the road as it makes a nice change from working mainly alone in a studio. I anticipate being busy between now and Christmas too, as live illustration is a very popular thing to book for corporate parties, events and launches. If you want to check out my live illustration  portfolio, you can click on this link or have a quick peek on my website. Stay tuned for more illustration news and more exciting projects soon.




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