Live Illustration at Oasis

In March I was really excited and honoured to be approached to do some Live Illustration at Oasis. The event was to be held at the  Arndale Centre in Manchester. Oasis had collaborated with the Victoria and Albert Museum on a range of pretty spring print dresses. The prints had been taken from antique vintage ceramics at the  V and A museum in South Kensington, London. The result was some gorgeous vintage looking dresses with quite a William Morris look to them. The collection was called DresstinationOasis. Before the event I created an illustration of one of the dresses for them to use on their social media, and on their posters to advertise the event. The personalised fashion illustrations were to be of customers who tried on this new Spring V and A collection of dresses. Each customer had the chance to win a £50 Oasis gift voucher, if they also shared their sketch on their own social media. Here is the illustration I created for their social media and posters.

Live Illustration poster artwork for Oasis

My illustration for the social media advertising the Live Illustration event

Live Illustration at Oasis

I travelled up to Manchester by car, as I was not sure where the Arndale Centre was located in terms of the train station. I think next time I could go by train, as it’s about a 15 minute walk from the station! I had a lot of fun drawings all of the customers. I work primarily with brush pens and then watercolours to add a splash or brightness to the drawings. It was so fun creating all of these little customised fashion illustrations for everyone ! I made sure to feature each person’s own colouring and hair shade, to make them really personalised portraits. Each live illustration takes about 10 minutes to sketch up. That’s for a full length figure illustration. It would be quicker, and approximately 5 minutes, if the drawing was a half figure, say, to the thigh. This is simply because there is half the amount to draw and colour. The event lasted three hours and everyone had a lot of fun getting their own portraits. The staff were so lovely and welcoming: a real pleasure to work with. Here are some of the live drawings I created.

Oasis Live Illustration customer

Daisy wearing a lovely Oasis Dress at the Live Illustration Event

Live Illustration at Oasis

Love this customer’s yellow sweater at the Oasis Live Drawing event

Happy staff at Oasis LIve Illustration event

Happy staff member at Oasis Live Illustration for the V and A

Sales staff gets an illo too ! Oasis Live Illustration

Love this outfit ! At Oasis and V and A Live Illustration Event

Oasis Live Illustration with the V and A

Happy customer with her personalised Live Illustration

Oasis Live Illustration in Manchester

Gorgeous orange silk shirt featured here in this personal illustration

Live Illustration at Oasis

Sample of one of the live drawings at the Oasis event.

Live Illustration at Oasis

Cute striped dress at the V and A Live Drawing event

Ali Hansen drawing at Oasis Live event

Me working very hard at the Oasis V and A Live Illustration Event

Interested in having a Live Illustration Event ?

I hope you enjoyed all the photos. As you can see, a fun time was had by all at the Live Illustration at Oasis event ! Live Illustration is a great addition to a corporate party or event. I have done many corporate parties at different offices, primarily in and around London, but I can travel to other places too. Live event drawing is also a great thing to have for companies to promote their brands in different stores. I have illustrated at many different special event days, such as Vogue’s Fashion’s Night out in London. I have illustrated for Harrods, Selfridges, Reiss, Ultimo, Juicy Couture and Oasis to name but a few. Holidays are a great time to have a live illustrator in the store too, such as Easter, Christmas, or Mother’s Day. Have a look at my Live Illustration page and if you are interested, just drop me a line !



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