Live illustration – what events work best?

Live illustration is great for so many events

Live illustration is a great thing to have at any event to create fun and excitement. It can also get your social media working overtime. There are many different events that work really well for live illustration. I am an experienced live illustrator and have worked a number of different events in my time. I thought I would share some ideas below, based on the events that I have attended as a live fashion illustrator.

live illustration London

Here’s me live illustrating at Oasis

Live illustration for press days

If you are a PR agency and lots of your clients hold press days to launch a new product or collection, then having a live fashion illustrator at the event can be a really nice touch. The live illustration can tie in with the press event such as live portraits for a hair product press day. Or the illustrator could decorate perfume bottles or lipsticks or gift boxes for the debut of a new cosmetic product. The ideas and the way you can tie them together are endless. Of course if you are a brand and you are having a press day you can go directly to the live illustrator and maybe brainstorm together for ideas that would tie in with your product launch. Having a film crew there to capture the product launch as well as the live illustrator in action is a great boost for any brand’s You Tube Channel.

Live illustration in London for Wella Hair

Live illustration for Wella press day

Live illustration for in-store events

Maybe your brand is doing a special event in it’s store, such as a cocktail party to celebrate your most special customers, or an exciting preview night. Live illustration works very well in locations from small boutiques and stand alone stores to concessions in department stores such as Harrods or Selfridges.

Live illustration in London for Carven

Live illustration for Carven London cocktail party

Live illustration event at Reiss London

Live illustration for Reiss in Harrods London

Live illustration for Folli Follie London

Live illustration for Folli Follie London in Selfridges

Live illustration for special holidays

The list is endless for special holidays that would really benefit from having a live illustration event. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – the sky is the limit as far as hiring a live illustrator is concerned. It’s great when the live illustration really ties in with the holiday, for example; portraits of men for Father’s Day, getting a free personalized Christmas card when someone purchases your chocolates, or getting a personalized Valentine’s Day card on the big night. The ideas are many indeed, and the possibilities are endless. Getting the marketing department together in advance to discuss key dates in the year means you will have all of these dates covered and buzzing on your social media.

Live illustration for Jaeger London

Father’s Day fashion illustration

Live illustration for special Fashion Days

I have provided the live illustration at special fashion days such as Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and the SheerLuxe Fashion Day. If you choose to hold your event on a specific Fashion Day, such as London Fashion Week, you will be guaranteed a really busy event! This will make your social media work overtime and will get the most for your money. It’s no good spending your budget on a live illustrator if not many people turn up to the event. Having your event on a special fashion day almost guarantees a bustling gathering!

Live illustration London

Live illustrating at the Vogue’s Fashion Night Out for Juicy Couture

Live illustration at outdoor festivals and street parties

Maybe the neighbourhood that your store is in are having a special street fair or festival where lots of free drinks, music and fun activities are going on. There are plenty of festivals and street parties that go on throughout the year but are usually more often than not held in the summer months. Why not join in the fun and hire a live illustrator to sit outside your store and do free illustrations? These events are usually totally buzzing and get very busy indeed. Great exposure for your brand! Different neighbourhoods often take part in different parties and festivals. Why not find out if there are any neighbourhood events happening where your store is located?

Live illustration in London for Walter and Herbert

Live illustration for Walter and Herbert Style Saturday street fair event

Live illustration for student or blogger nights

It’s great to have a live illustration event and invite a select few, or have it open to a certain demographic. It will make for a more intimate and less public affair, but you can be guaranteed that it will still get shared on social media or blogged about. In some university towns it would be a good idea to have a student night with free drinks, snacks, music and live illustration. And don’t forget that all important student discount on your merchandise! Or you could hold a blogger night where you invite top bloggers to try a new product, get a fashion illustration done and share it all with their thousands of followers on social media!

Bloggers at live illustration event at Ultimo London

Live illustration event for Ultimo London – blogger party

Live illustration for Ultimo London

A photographer captures the live illustration event for Ultimo London

Live illustration at corporate parties

Why not reward your staff for all of their hard work by throwing a company party complete with a live illustrator? I have worked at many of these corporate parties before: staff love getting their portraits done and there is always a huge line. What a great way to say thank you to your staff! You don’t even need to hire a fancy venue for the party either, you can just hold it at your corporate offices. Maybe it’s a special anniversary for your company, or a corporate Christmas party. If you are a fashion company, this would go down even better with your staff!

Live illustration at Links of London

Links of London corporate party

Live illustration collaborations

Collaborations are really popular at the moment. Many companies hold a live illustration event where they collaborate with another non-competing company. It could be an amazing exhibition or art gallery that you collaborate with, or a West End show. You may have to think a little harder on this one about who exactly you could collaborate with, but the dividends pay off as you will have double the brand exposure.

Live illustration in London for Oasis

Live illustration for Oasis and V and A museum collaboration

Live illustration for private parties and weddings

You don’t have to be a company to hire a live illustrator – maybe you are having a super fun surprise birthday party or a no- expense spared wedding. Guests love to have their portraits done and it adds a lot of fun and cache to the big day or night. If you think you would be interested in hiring a live illustrator why not check out my live illustration services page or sneak a peek at my live illustration gallery. If you are interested go ahead and get in touch with me and we can start the ball rolling with some event ideas and brainstorming. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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