Live Illustration at Wella Press Day in London


Live Illustration for Wella

I have done a lot of live illustration events in my time, but I have never before done a press day. I was approached by Talk PR in May, to provide the live illustration for Wella at one of their press days in London. The press event was to promote their brand new hair product line, System Professional. Wella was holding a press day in London and they wanted a live illustrator to provide live portrait illustration for the event. I was thrilled to be asked, as the System Pro product seemed really exciting. It’s like a custom hair system. You can go online or have a rep do it, but basically they ask you a lot of important questions which enables them to come up with the perfect customised system for your hair. The brand ambassadors for the System Pro product are Cara and Poppy Delevingne. The thinking behind this was that even though they are sisters, they have completely different hair, and so need totally different customised hair care. That’s where the System Pro comes in. The event was being held at 8, Vigo Street in Mayfair, which is a gorgeous location. It’s a very quaint old Victorian building, which has the intimacy of a house, and is sumptuously decorated in rich Victorian tones.

Lots of Live Portrait Illustration fun at Wella.

The press day for Wella was split into different segments. In the morning, many influential fashion and beauty editors came from various UK magazine and newspaper publications. They were interviewed about their hair, by Wella’s amazing hair stylists. They were then given a goody bag with their own customised Wella System Professional care products. Whilst they were being interviewed I was secretly working up a quick ten minute live fashion illustration of each guest, which was presented to them at the end and also went into the goody bag. Everyone seemed really pleased and surprised when they got their own personalised live portrait illustration. In the afternoon, many key trade accounts arrived at the venue to have a look at the exciting new hair products on display. By evening time it was the turn of the influential fashion and beauty bloggers. There was also a film crew there interviewing bloggers and vloggers about their experiences with Wella hair products. I think I even managed to get into some of the shots ! All in all it was a great day that I think everyone really enjoyed. Have a look at some of my photos and live illustration from the event and see what you think.

Live Illustration at Wella

My desk at the Wella Press Day


Venue for live fashion illustration event for Wella Hair

The gorgeous venue, at 8, Vigo Street.

Wella System Pro hair products at the Live Illustration event.

The Wella System Pro hair care line

Cara and Poppy Delevingne

Cara and Poppy Delevingne, the faces of Wella System Pro

Blogger with her live portrait illustration

Super cute Brazilian blogger with her fashion portrait

Live fashion illustration at Wella

This beautiful customer with blonde hair was fun to draw

Blogger at the Wella Live Illustration event

Beauty blogger at Wella Live Illustration event

Live fashion illustration at Wella

Love how this writer’s illustration turned out.

Blogger at the Wella Live Illustration event

Love how this blue pony tail turned out !

Live Fashion Illustration at Wella Press Day

Another editor, this time with cute blonde bob and dimples !

Live Illustration at Wella

Even one of the Wella staff had a portrait done !

Live fashion illustration at Wella

Goldie Locks

I hope you liked reading all about my experience of being a live illustrator at the Wella press day. I work with many brands similar to Wella, whether they be in the beauty, hair or fashion sectors. I have done press days, special store events, and corporate parties. If you are interested in hiring a live fashion illustrator why not check out my Live Illustration services page ? Or have a look at the rest of my Live Illustration portfolio. Live illustration is a great way to liven up any event, and will get your social media jumping !



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