Menswear fashion illustration for The Rakish Gent’s Look of the Week

Creating a fashion illustration for The Rakish Gent

This month I had the pleasure of creating some menswear fashion illustration for men’s online magazine, The Rakish Gent. This is an amazing digital magazine that shares lots of up to date fashion news, great editorial photography, along with lifestyle and grooming advice. The magazine is put together by Tajinder Hayer, who has written for publications such as British GQ, The Guardian and Topman, and Nicholas Andrews, a freelance photographer who has worked for and It’s a great resource for style and fashion.

Menswear fashion illustration for the Look of the Week.

The Rakish Gent asked me to illustrate their Look of the Week, and I was more than happy to oblige. I think the Look of the Week is a great little feature, as it gives readers inspiration for a new fashion look each week, along with links to where people can purchase the clothing for each look. I love that a different fashion illustrator creates the imagery for the feature each week. The look they wanted me to bring to life was a very monochromatic look, mainly a mix of blacks and charcoals. I felt like it was quite an urban look, so I created some illustrations from London landmarks to create a kind of skyline in the background. For my fashion illustrations the process I use is to pencil sketch a fashion illustration first, then ink it up in brush pen. I then scan the brush pen fashion illustration into the computer and clean it up in Photoshop. Next I take the original brush pen drawing and pop it onto the light box. I place some good quality thicker paper over the top and I begin to create the colour for the fashion illustration using watercolours. By painting it onto a separate piece of paper and scanning that into the computer, I can put the colour onto a separate layer in Photoshop, which allows me to manipulate the colour a lot more. Here is the brush pen and ink illustration before I added the colour. I had a little clean up work to do on the elbow, as the arm needed bringing out more. I don’t often get to do menswear fashion illustration, so this was a nice change this week from womenswear.

menswear fashion illustration for The Rakish Gent Look of the Week

Fashion illustration for The Rakish Gent

The finished fashion illustration.

I think its important not to clean up the brush line work too much, or the line work will look a little even and boring. I like to have lots of difference between line thickness in a fashion illustration. For the look that we were illustrating, the jacket was from Belstaff, the boots were from Rick Owens, and the jeans were from All Saints. I really like the tonal look of the outfit. Here is the final fashion illustration, I hope you like it !

Menswear fashion illustration for the Rakish Gent

Coloured up fashion illustration for The Rakish Gent

If you would like to commission any fashion illustration for men’s or women’s, why not check out my fashion illustration service page to get more details, and then drop me a line on my website contact page. I’m always happy to help ! I offer menswear fashion illustration as well as womenswear fashion illustration.


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