Perfume Bottle Illustrations

My collection of perfume bottle illustrations.

As a fashion illustrator I have been doing a lot of figurative and portrait work over the last six months. When you are working in the field of fashion illustration it’s important to illustrate as many different subjects as possible so that clients can see that you are capable of illustrating many different things. Sometimes a client will not pick you for a job because they can’t see an immediate example of what they need drawing in your portfolio. It’s sometimes hard , but in between deadlines and projects I have been trying to illustrate many different items in order to expand my own portfolio. This month I decided to focus on perfume bottles, as I love a good fragrance, and I just think they are so pretty to draw ! So yes, I have been doing as lot of perfume bottle illustrations lately !

Which perfume bottle illustrations to include ?

I found it quite difficult to figure out which perfume bottles to illustrate, as there are so many I love ! I actually did quite a lot of research before I started drawing and I found that the Harrods website was an excellent resource to look at perfume bottles and to find a definitive list of fragrances that are popular at the moment. I still have five more to paint up, but I decided to post what I have illustrated so far ! I just really went for an appealing and beautifully shaped perfume bottle, and of course the use of colour was important to me. I wanted to include some floral illustrations next to the fragrance bottles, so I did a lot of research and I looked up the particular ingredients in each perfume. Then I illustrated those elements and placed them around the fragrance bottles. My particular favourites I think are McQueen by Alexander McQueen and the new Chanel No. 5 L’eau. I’m really pleased with how they all turned out, and I will post the rest of the illustrations when I finish those up. Next on my list to add to my portfolio will be make-up and beauty products, but for now I hope you enjoy my perfume bottle illustrations.

Perfume illustration for Giorgio Armani

perfume illustrations for My Burberry

perfume illustration of Stella fragrance

perfume illustration of Issey Miyake

perfume illustration of Alexander McQueen bottle

perfume bottle illustration of D and G

perfume bottle illustration of Narciso fragrance

perfume illustrations

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the eight perfume bottle illustrations I have managed to produce so far. I really enjoyed doing them. My process consisted of quickly line drawing each fragrance and then on the lightbox painting watercolour over the top. Then the watercolour illustration was scanned into Photoshop for a quick clean up and to add some more digital effects. I like my illustrations to keep a very organic and hand drawn look to them. I find that this is the style most clients are looking for right now. Stay tuned for more illustrations of perfume bottles very soon ! As a fashion illustrator, I have a wide range of products that I offer illustrations for. My style is primarily watercolour with some digital effects added in, using Photoshop. Why not have a look at my fashion illustration services page and see the sorts of things I have to offer. I also do portrait illustration and live illustration. Thank you for looking !




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