Perfume illustrations for Basenotes fragrance blog

Perfume illustrations for fragrance blog

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be able to be involved in one of my favourite kinds of work to do, perfume illustrations. In February 2017 I contributed towards the perfume blog Basenotes. Grant Osbourne is the founder and editor of this fabulous perfume blog and website that acts as a very useful data base for hundreds of fragrances. Basenotes runs many informative articles about fragrances, including one particular feature called My Perfume Wardrobe, in which Grant interviews various people about their favourite perfumes and the memories those perfumes evoke. I was interviewed for this feature and I also illustrated some really beautiful perfume bottles for this piece. I really enjoyed illustrating the various fragrance bottles and I think my watercolour style really suited the subject matter. My illustration style is quite pretty and feminine which I think really suited the perfume website.

Interview questions including my perfume illustrations

I found the questions Grant asked to be really interesting and fun to answer actually! Also gave me a great excuse to work on some really pretty perfume illustrations. It made me rack my brain and go back in history to the first perfume I remembered wearing, and the first fragrance that I ever received as a gift. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a quintessentially fragrance fanatic/person, but I found it really fun to answer all of the Basenotes questions. Take a look at my perfume illustrations below that I created for this fun blog post.

Perfume illustrations for blog

Perfume illustration of Anais Anais

Perfume illustrations of Chanel No. 5 L'eau

Fragrance illustration of Chanel No. 5  L’eau

Decadence Perfume illustrations by Marc Jacobs

Fragrance illustration of Decadence

Stella perfume illustrations

Fragrance illustration of Stella

Flowerbomb perfume illustrations

Fragrance illustration of Flowerbomb

Do you need any perfume illustrations ?

I really enjoyed contributing towards Basenotes and you can google the website and search Alison Hansen My Perfume Wardrobe if you would like to see the post. I think my personal favourite was Decadence by Marc Jacobs. I really love how that fragrance illustration in particular turned out. I have a ton of experience illustrating lots of beauty products including perfumes and cosmetics. I am also planning on selling exclusive prints of my perfume illustrations on my new up and coming online shop. If you would like to commission any kind of product illustration including perfumes and cosmetics, why not have a look at my fashion illustration portfolio on my website.  If you would like to look at other perfume illustrations I have created you can also check out one of my previous fragrance illustration blog posts. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my perfume illustrations!



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