Photo Illustration of Chicago

Photo Illustration of Chicago

I find it very fun and interesting to sometimes use photographs mixed with illustration. This example of an illustration I did for a souvenir company was used on t shirts to sell in airports in the USA.

You do see photos used with illustrations alot nowadays, and the effects can be really stunning. If you mix photos with pencil drawings, say, or water colour art, that can sometimes produce an edgy look.

The photos you use should be good quality high resolution shots. You can find them on photo websites such as i stock or shutter stock. There are many other sites , but these are the ones I use the most frequently….  You have to be careful though and watch the prices, as there does not seem much rhyme or reason to the pricing, and some seem much more expensive than others…..  You can also get them off the internet, but then you have the copy right issue, and also the resolution can be small……You can use effects on Photoshop, to give lots of different textures…..  you can also take your own photos, on your i phone – they take great quality photos…….  then you own the copy right to the use of the photo as you took it, and also it cost you nothing !  You can change photos from colour to black and white, or put filters on them…..  all in Photoshop…..You can use the pen tool to cut out parts of the photos too.

Hope you like my example and information –  and happy snapping !  Till next time….


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