Pop Art Portrait

Here is a portrait I did for a private client, who wanted a fun portrait of themselves to hang in their workplace / studio…. I took my inspiration from the godfather of pop, Roy Lichtenstein……  The client had an original picture of themselves  taken at a party, and they wanted a suave James Bond 007 kind of look to the portrait…..  I did this portrait entirely on the screen…..which is unusual for me, usually I do some kind of hand drawing first…. I loosely sketched the outlines in Photoshop, and then I drew back over the outlines in a neater fashion……  then I applied all the flat colour, and the trademark Lichtenstein dots……  the end result was printed out large on a canvas…..Hard to believe Roy Lichtenstein painted all those dots partly by hand, partly with stencils, before we had computer technology !  I love to do these kinds of portraits for people, as they always look stunning on canvas….  enjoy, and have a good Saturday people !!!

Riy Lichtenstein portrait done on Photoshop

Riy Lichtenstein portrait done on Photoshop



    • This portrait is of a person who requested a portrait to be done from a photograph of themselves, but in the style of the artist Roy Lichtenstein. The portrait of this man is not by Roy Lichtenstein. It is in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Its OK to do a piece of art that’s in the style of an artists or an homage to that artist.

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