Pop Portraits

Here is a project I did for a friends birthday just for a bit of fun…..  I love to be creative, even when I am not working….. I took photos of kids, and I bleached all of the colour out of them, and then re painted in the colours, making them quite bright and pop art, like classic Andy Warhol…..  The trickiest bit was getting the exposure right for the photos, but once that was correct, adding the tinting was easy, but a bit laborious ! I am sure there are filters you can use, but then wont give you such a customised look…..  You could put patterned backgrounds in there, like Kath Kidson style, or you can leave them plain……  these types of portraits look great on a giant canvas…..  and are perfect for wedding photos, baby pics, or family and pet portraits…..  Enjoy, until next time…


Andy Warhol style portrait done in Photoshop


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