Sid Vicious Illustration

Sid Vicious Illustration


Here is an Illustration I did, again for the banner art for a t shirt and a music website…….. Sid Vicious – he could not play guitar at all …….  he played live concerts with his cable unplugged……. Yet his snarling image embodied the rage- filled punk movement of the decade of discontent – the 1970s. Spiked hair, black leather trench coats, the use of safety pins as a statement , ( invented when his trousers ripped, and he had no others to wear ) his is a look that has never dated, and is emulated even now….It’s hard to believe his look and style is from almost 40 years ago……yet it still has a post modern feel to it…..  Sid , like so many other rock icons, had a tragically short  life….. His involvement with legendary groupie Nancy Spungen led him to explore the dark beast know as heroin….. …..Spungen had first targeted Johnny Rotten,the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, who with good insight, turned her down, and is still alive today to tell the tale….She then turned her attentions to the shy and inarticulate Sid. Eventually he was hooked on both Nancy and heroin, and both junkies were found in a seedy flop house hotel room, one infamous New York night – Nancy with her throat cut, and Sid announcing, in his now legendary quote – ” You can’t arrest me, I’m a rock star….”  We never did find out the mystery of what happened that night as whilst in prison awaiting trial, Sid’s mum smuggled him in a dose of heroin…. it was to be his last shot- a fatal one….. he died at the age of 21 – another wasted life seized by sex, drugs and rock and roll….

This illustration is done in pen and ink by hand, and then scanned into Photoshop, and colour added….  Enjoy until next time…..


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