Social Media Fashion Illustrations , Reiss

Social Media Illustrations, Reiss

Red Dress Illustration for Reiss

Social Media Fashion Illustrations, Reiss

Just a quick post to share with you some fun new fashion illustrations I had the pleasure of creating. Recently as you may have seen in my previous blog posts, I was privileged to team up with clothing giant Reiss and Harrods to take part in a live fashion illustration event at the iconic London department store. To promote the event, I was asked to create these social media fashion illustrations for Reiss. It’s great for companies to have as many interesting images as they can, to promote their brands across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I took a look at their amazing look book for Autumn Winter 2015, for my inspiration. Both of these amazing outfits are from this most recent Reiss look book. I recommend you check it out, its very stylish and you can find it on the Reiss website.

Social Media Fashion Illustrations, Reiss

Fashion Illustration for Reiss

Illustrations for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

I like the style of the fashion illustrations I created. They remind me of those retro Vogue illustrations from the fifties and sixties. I used pen and ink and scanned them in and added the colour digitally. I was excited to be asked to do these social media fashion illustrations for Reiss, even thought the deadline was kind of tight and I only had an afternoon to do them in ! I have been getting  asked to do more and more social media fashion illustrations recently. I offer all kinds of fashion illustrations for a variety of products. It never gets boring for me illustrating things, and social media opens so many new doors for an illustrator. Have a look on my website and check out all the illustration services I can provide.


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