Sportswear Fashion Illustration

Sportswear Illustration

Sportswear Illustration

Here is a fashion Illustration I did for LA based Sportswear company Bombshell Sportswear. They needed a cute workout illustration to put on one of the pages of their website.  I worked from a photo reference pic from Shutter Stock that was in a similar pose to this. I always do that before I start a fashion illustration.  The photo I used was actually of a cowgirl in hat and shorts ! But it worked for this pic, so I purchased the pic so it was high enough resolution to work from.

Next I pencil sketched up the outlines, to get the sketchy look……  I made the legs much longer, and the neck too, as you always need to do, when doing a fashion illustration, or the illustration will look dumpy….  Most women actually have quite short legs at the calf area especially…..

Then I scanned the pencil sketch in and cleaned it up…. My, these pencil sketches need a lot of clean up work !  Next I applied the colour and the shading……  The client supplied me with photos of the outfit, so I could get the details of the clothes right…..

Then I submitted the illustration to the client……  They were really pleased with it but just wanted one or two changes which I was able to do with the power of Photoshop !  It was  a really fun illustration to do……  Thanks for tuning in folks, hope you all had a great summer…..till next time ……


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