Amy Winehouse Illustration for kindle book cover

Amy Winehouse portrait illustration

I was really excited to be asked by Jaiden Micheal to create a front cover for his new kindle/e book on Amy Winehouse. To say I am a massive Amy fan is an understatement. Jaiden is a big fan too… Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse

Pen and ink portrait of Amy Winehouse with tattoos

I love drawing Amy Winehouse….. maybe because I love looking at pictures of her ! She was an unconventional beauty…. I love that she doesn’t fit into the stereotypes of traditional female beauty….. I thought she had the most beautiful… Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse Illustration

Amy Winehouse portrait with red bow

Here is an illustration I did of Amy Winehouse for a t shirt company.  This was done in Photoshop and entirely on the screen.   I choose white, black, and red, as they seem to be her signature colours. Amy… Continue Reading