Illustration of Brit pop lead singer Daman Albarn from Blur

Here is another music illustration !  This one is of archetypal Brit Pop front man Damon Albarn……  I did this by hand in pencil and in ink, then added the colour on there in Photoshop……  Loved looking at all the… Continue Reading

Sid Vicious Portrait

Here is a t shirt design that I did for a t shirt company called Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll…..  Here is Sid Vicious in all his punk glory.  This was done from looking at lots of photo… Continue Reading


  I went to a Gary Numan gig last Friday, at the Leamington Assembly halls and it was so amazing,……..  what energy, what stage presence, what an icon……  anyway, I was so inspired I am about to embark on doing… Continue Reading