Pencil fashion illustration of festival girl with face paint

Hey its Friday ! So just a quick post as I have loads of work to get finished up before I can celebrate the weekend !  As Festival season is upon us………  ( anyone got tickets to Glasto ?)  I… Continue Reading


I find it very fun and interesting to sometimes use photographs mixed with illustration. This example of an illustration I did for a souvenir company was used on t shirts to sell in airports in the USA. You do see… Continue Reading


Pen and ink portrait of Lou Reed in aviator sunglasses

Here is another illustration I did of Lou Reed, for a t shirt website banner artwork. Sadly Lou Red passed away recently, but his style and music live on….  This one was done in pen and ink, and then scanned… Continue Reading


Pen and ink portrait of David Bowie with Ziggy Stardust hair

Here is an illustration I did for a t shirt website of David Bowie. This was done in pen and ink, and coloured on Photoshop…..  Bowie has had an interesting year…….  He released a very successful album, The Next Day,… Continue Reading


Illustration of Brit pop lead singer Daman Albarn from Blur

Here is another music illustration !  This one is of archetypal Brit Pop front man Damon Albarn……  I did this by hand in pencil and in ink, then added the colour on there in Photoshop……  Loved looking at all the… Continue Reading


Pen and portrait of Sid Vicious with punk rock Sex Pistols

  Here is an Illustration I did, again for the banner art for a t shirt and a music website…….. Sid Vicious – he could not play guitar at all …….  he played live concerts with his cable unplugged……. Yet… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury

Pen and ink portrait of Freddie Mercury in white vest

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury for a website banner…..  It was done in pen and ink, hand drawn, then scanned in and cleaned up. I then added colour to it, and tweaked the illustration to look… Continue Reading

Portrait of Debbie Harry from Blondie

Pen and ink fashion portrait of Debbie Harry

Here is a pen and ink illustration I did of Debbie Harry for a t shirt banner art. I looked at lots of iconic images of the Blondie superstar…..  what a boring mission that was – not ! So many… Continue Reading

London Underground Eighties Illustration

Here is an illustration that I did for a London Underground competition. I think its good as an artist, to do competition work once in a while. Its fun to have creative freedom, yet work to a brief and a… Continue Reading

Beauty Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration of girl in red dress with london skyline

Here is an illustration I did to update my main illustration website. I tried to do a new approach, so I started by hand sketching the outlines.  Then I scanned that in and added colour and shading…..  I was trying… Continue Reading