Fashion Illustration:When you need to be a t shirt designer too

Projects can be very varied when you are working as a freelance fashion illustrator. If you were only to accept pure fashion illustration commissions, work would probably get a bit thin on the ground ! Fashion illustrations can be used… Continue Reading

Fashion Illustration for I Love Cashmere

Pencil fashion illustration of girl in black t shirt

Here is a pencil fashion illustration that I recently completed for online company I Love Cashmere. They required a fashion illustration to go on their website, to promote a new line of t shirts they are launching. I suppose lots… Continue Reading

Sid Vicious Portrait

Here is a t shirt design that I did for a t shirt company called Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll…..  Here is Sid Vicious in all his punk glory.  This was done from looking at lots of photo… Continue Reading

Social media fashion illustration

Fashion illustration of girl holding globe

Here is an illustration that I did for Not Just Powder, a beauty website. This illustration was sketched in pencil by hand……  All of the alterations were made by hand. When the sketch was absolutely perfect, I then placed it… Continue Reading

Christmas Sweaters

Here are some sweaters that I designed for The Online Fashion Company.  They are quite cute and fun and festive. I had great fun designing these. I drew them on Illustrator and then coloured them on Photoshop . I hear… Continue Reading


technical fashion illustration of sunglasses

Every so often, you get a project to do that is a bit more technical drawing . I enjoyed creating this technical drawing of sunglasses for New York based company Pine and Grove.  I worked this illustration of their wooden… Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse Illustration

Amy Winehouse portrait with red bow

Here is an illustration I did of Amy Winehouse for a t shirt company.  This was done in Photoshop and entirely on the screen.   I choose white, black, and red, as they seem to be her signature colours. Amy… Continue Reading

Fashion website illustration for Not Just Powder

Fashion illustration of supergirl with mobile phone

Here is one of my most recent fashion illustrations for the beauty website, Not Just Powder. They use social media to help track the success of their beauty brands. We were focusing on the power of social media in business.… Continue Reading