Clippy Bags London website illustration

fashion illustration in airbrush style of girl with headphones

Here is an illustration I just finished for Clippy Bags , London. These are very fun bags which have inserts in the front, so you can customise your bags and put photos or artworks in the front…..  It was such… Continue Reading

Pencil sketch for a pin up girl illustration

pencil fashion sketch of girl kneeling

Here is a pencil sketch I did of a cute girl for a clothing company…..  This was the first draft. I used a reference photo, as that is always helpful to see the pose and the human anatomy…..  Its very… Continue Reading

Illustration for beauty website

Fashion illustration of girl putting make up on

Here is an illustraiton I did for beauty website, The brief was to create a character, in various beauty treatments. This girl is having make up applied……  This was pencil sketched and inked up by hand, and then coloured… Continue Reading