Here is a pop art portrait I did for a private client…… Its in the style of Julian Opie, and it is done on Photoshop……  This is a style that is really fun and colourful to do…. Here is another… Continue Reading

Canvas portraits

Here is a portrait I did for a private client, in the style of pop artist Julian Opie, who was made famous by the iconic Blur album cover that he did…..  This was all created on Adobe Photoshop…….  I can… Continue Reading

Pop Portraits

Here is a project I did for a friends birthday just for a bit of fun…..  I love to be creative, even when I am not working….. I took photos of kids, and I bleached all of the colour out… Continue Reading

Pop Art Portrait

pop art personal portrait of man

Here is a portrait I did for a private client, who wanted a fun portrait of themselves to hang in their workplace / studio…. I took my inspiration from the godfather of pop, Roy Lichtenstein……  The client had an original… Continue Reading

Pop Art Vintage Car

Here is a vintage Invicta car that I coloured up into an Andy Warhol style pop art canvas.  I had to take each section of the original photograph, bleach it out, then paint back the colour in, using quite bright… Continue Reading