Sid Vicious Portrait

Here is a t shirt design that I did for a t shirt company called Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll…..  Here is Sid Vicious in all his punk glory.  This was done from looking at lots of photo… Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse Illustration

Amy Winehouse portrait with red bow

Here is an illustration I did of Amy Winehouse for a t shirt company.  This was done in Photoshop and entirely on the screen.   I choose white, black, and red, as they seem to be her signature colours. Amy… Continue Reading

Clippy Bags London website illustration

fashion illustration in airbrush style of girl with headphones

Here is an illustration I just finished for Clippy Bags , London. These are very fun bags which have inserts in the front, so you can customise your bags and put photos or artworks in the front…..  It was such… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury Illustration

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury, for the t shirt line, Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll……..   The brief was to do a stage shot of Freddie, so I used a combination of lots of different… Continue Reading