Freddie Mercury

Pen and ink portrait of Freddie Mercury in white vest

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury for a website banner…..  It was done in pen and ink, hand drawn, then scanned in and cleaned up. I then added colour to it, and tweaked the illustration to look… Continue Reading


At the moment I am working on more rock tees for clients…… I love this medium, and to me, the more vintage looking the better……..   Here is one I did a couple of years ago for a design competition……..… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury Illustration

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury, for the t shirt line, Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll……..   The brief was to do a stage shot of Freddie, so I used a combination of lots of different… Continue Reading

Glam Rock Chick

I love Glam Rock …….  T Rex, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Queen, Roxy Music, I just think it was like some fabulous  glitter explosion in a old clapped out denim factory…..  I love the style, the colour, the attitude, the… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury

Here is a pencil hand sketch I did of Queen front man Freddie Mercury. I think this is from a very early gig they did in the early 70s at the Rainbow Theatre in London. I then scanned it into… Continue Reading


I took a line drawing I had done of Queen, all hand illustrated in pen and ink, and then scanned it into Photoshop. Then I added some lush bright colour, and a gradation effect for a very vintage look. I… Continue Reading


Here is an illustration I did of early seventies Queen . It was inspired by early images of the band in and around London. It was hand sketched in pen and ink, and then coloured in Photoshop.  It has quite… Continue Reading

John Deacon

Here is a pencil hand drawing of Queen bass player John Deacon. He retired from the music scene following bandmate Freddie Mercury’s death in the late nineties. He leads a very low key life, staying out of the limelight. I… Continue Reading