Illustration of Brit pop lead singer Daman Albarn from Blur

Here is another music illustration !  This one is of archetypal Brit Pop front man Damon Albarn……  I did this by hand in pencil and in ink, then added the colour on there in Photoshop……  Loved looking at all the… Continue Reading


Pen and portrait of Sid Vicious with punk rock Sex Pistols

  Here is an Illustration I did, again for the banner art for a t shirt and a music website…….. Sid Vicious – he could not play guitar at all …….  he played live concerts with his cable unplugged……. Yet… Continue Reading

Jimi Hendrix

Pen and ink portrait of Jimi Hendrix in military jacket

  Here is an illustration I did of Jimi Hendrix for the banner art of a music website……  I looked at tons of research pics of Jimi for this project……  I am amazed at his fabulous flamboyant sense of style….… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury

Pen and ink portrait of Freddie Mercury in white vest

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury for a website banner…..  It was done in pen and ink, hand drawn, then scanned in and cleaned up. I then added colour to it, and tweaked the illustration to look… Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse

Pen and ink portrait of Amy Winehouse with tattoos

I love drawing Amy Winehouse….. maybe because I love looking at pictures of her ! She was an unconventional beauty…. I love that she doesn’t fit into the stereotypes of traditional female beauty….. I thought she had the most beautiful… Continue Reading

Kurt Cobain

Portrait illustration of Kurt Cobain in white sunglasses

It’s an unbelievable 20 years since Kurt Cobain took his life in his Seattle home. The reluctant spokesman for Generation X finally succumbed to the heroin addiction that had caused his personal and professional life to spiral dangerously out of… Continue Reading

London Underground Eighties Illustration

Here is an illustration that I did for a London Underground competition. I think its good as an artist, to do competition work once in a while. Its fun to have creative freedom, yet work to a brief and a… Continue Reading

Rock Illustration of Jimi Hendrix with guitar

Here is an illustration that I did of Jimi Hendrix with his guitar for a t shirt company. I like to do t shirt designs once in a while. I particularly like to do music tees. This whole illustration was… Continue Reading


Here is another rock portrait that I did for a music t shirt company. I did this all on Photoshop, but it was very time consuming, so I wished afterwards I had just done it in pen and ink and… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Bowie !

Today is David Bowies 65th Birthday !  Happy Birthday Bowie !  You have given us many years of inspiration ! There is an exhibition at the V and A in March, book soon…….  Also, Bowie has a new single and… Continue Reading