Christmas House Party

Is everyone feeling festive yet ? Here is an illustration I did a while ago, and it has that party feel to it, but it has been done in very seventies palette, for a retro feel ! It has been… Continue Reading

Festival !!!

pencil fashion illustration of festival girl with face paint

Its festival season again folks !!!!   Even though Glastonbury is taking a break this year ( thanks a lot 2012 Olympics !)  We still have a ton of great music festivals to look forward to in the UK……  Here is… Continue Reading

Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten

I recently also illustrated Sid Vicious…….  for a client……  and again I came across some fantastic reference pics…….  here is a great one of Sid and Johnny….  they were always pulling faces for the camera…..  all the images of them… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury

Here is a pencil hand sketch I did of Queen front man Freddie Mercury. I think this is from a very early gig they did in the early 70s at the Rainbow Theatre in London. I then scanned it into… Continue Reading


I took a line drawing I had done of Queen, all hand illustrated in pen and ink, and then scanned it into Photoshop. Then I added some lush bright colour, and a gradation effect for a very vintage look. I… Continue Reading

John Deacon

Here is a pencil hand drawing of Queen bass player John Deacon. He retired from the music scene following bandmate Freddie Mercury’s death in the late nineties. He leads a very low key life, staying out of the limelight. I… Continue Reading