2012 London Olympics Tees

Here is a t shirt design I did for the London 2012 Olympics ….. The brief was to do some fun, irreverent t shirt designs, featuring British icons…..  The three t shirts featured Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and The Queen.… Continue Reading

Freddie Mercury Illustration

Here is an illustration I did of Freddie Mercury, for the t shirt line, Sex and Drugs Killed Rock and Roll……..   The brief was to do a stage shot of Freddie, so I used a combination of lots of different… Continue Reading

Rock Chick

flat colour fashion illustration

Here is an illustration I did a while ago…..  I think I did this one entirely on the screen, using Photoshop….. I prefer Photoshop to Illustrator as I find it gives me more freedom and flexibility…. its more similar to… Continue Reading

Pop Art Portrait

pop art personal portrait of man

Here is a portrait I did for a private client, who wanted a fun portrait of themselves to hang in their workplace / studio…. I took my inspiration from the godfather of pop, Roy Lichtenstein……  The client had an original… Continue Reading

Guitar Practise

Here is an illustration I did a while ago……  I love guitars, and I love illustrating them…… this one was done in black colouring pencil and then digitally coloured on photoshop…..  I decided to put the wallpaper in there to… Continue Reading

Kimono Girl

Here is an illustration I did a while ago…..  I like illustrating people with red hair, and in this illustration, her hair sort of matches her kimono….. This has been hand done in pen and ink, and then digitally coloured… Continue Reading